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4x17... here are a few of my favorite things...

Contains spoilers for Supernatural 4x17... so no looking if you're going to be spoiled!

I love that Dean wears stripped pjs.  You just know that has matching pants...

And he drives a Prius and listens to NPR!  Ha.

I totally cracked up at this.  Not only his phone conversation... but the way his suspenders 
actually match his tie... which he puts over his shoulder!  And then there are lips...


I love how we saw this exact same edit over and over again.  So awesome!

I also love how we listened to Sam tell people to turn their printer on and off about 100 times.

Question: How do you fit a giant Sammy in a tiny little cubical?

I also love this entire exchange in the elevator, but especially the expressions when neither
was talking.  Sam looks so uncomfortable and Dean clearly thinks he's lost some marbles.

I just needed to pause a second for the pretty...

I am amused that they decided to have that be what Sam was drawing... and then have
those photos come up when he did an image search for vampire.  Awesome.

Fish sign = Bwahahahahaha!  Gross.

I love how Dean handles this entire oddity of events...

I'm sorry... if I was told to go to that room to meet with HR, I would assume someone had
made a typo in the e-mail I was sent and I would not go in, would you?

Ha ha ha.  How amused would the Ghostfacers be to know that Dean and Sam had
relearned all they know from them?  Seriously, dude, ghostfacer.com Visit it.

I was just amused by those two caps...

And by the boys trying to be all prepared with kitchen salt... and syncing their phones.

Sam just completely cracks me up in this scene. I could easily have put 20 caps of his face.

And for one fleeting second we had back Jubjub and his puppy... and then it passed.

I know some people have been bitching about how Sam was not at the end of this episode, how he was not who brought Dean back... but he was. He totally was.  Sam is the one who got to Deans core and made him realize he wasn't meant to be in an office and was destined to do greater things.... so maybe we did get Jubjub and Puppy back a bit after all.  

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