Help us build a community center in Haiti!

So, Liz and I have decided to try to raise $1,000+ to help the Random Acts Hope for Haiti project.  

Basically, what it is, is that in June 2011, Misha Collins, Matt Cohen and the Random Acts team will be in Jacmel, Haiti to help "build a refuge for some of Haiti’s hungry and homeless children".  This is an amazing project and something which definitely needs to happen.  Here is a shot of the community center they are planning to build

Liz's and my goal isn't so very big at $1k, but I want to make sure we reach it.  

So, this is me asking for donations to help with this project.  I am not usually the fund-raising type in this sort of way, but this seems like a project which needs backing.  I have great hope for Random Acts and if you have not checked out their website yet, you should. 

You can donate here on Liz's and my team page

Even donations of $5 are much appreciated and help.  If you want to donate but don't feel comfortable signing up through Crowdrise to do so, I can also take donations by check, cash, or PayPal and I'll send them in.  PM or e-mail me - hadley [at] ewlyn.com - if you'd prefer to do it that way.

I'm debating whoring out my knitting/sewing/baking skills to raise funds.  Would anyone be interested in that?  I'll knit/bake/or sew something for you in return for a donation?
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So I clicked on donate and got into my purse for my credit card, and realized it wasn't there! I called Tim (who was at home for lunch) and because we make a great detective team, he found it in the pocket of a pair of my jeans!

Therefore, I'll be donating when I get home and am reunited with my credit card. :)
I think the Random Acts projects are all so well thought out. I also think Misha manipulates his fans for good fairly well. lol
Ooooh what a wonderful thing to do...I'll paypal you something but it'll have to be after we sort out taxes, new oven, and assorted other stuff...if I have spending money this pay, it'll be then but otherwise next pay.

You are fantastic. <3
I would like to donate, but I'd prefer to paypal you after the trouble I had with a US based charity site a few weeks ago :/ will email you now :D