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Fanfic writers/readers, I need your input!

Talking Writing, a monthly online literary magazine, is planning to do an issue on guilty pleasures over the summer and I have been asked to write a piece about fanfic.

So, this is a plea for those of you who write and read fanfic to give me input regarding what you think should be included as well as seeing if any of you have any insight you'd like to share/if you would allow me to quote you.

I think it would be interesting to focus on how other people's fictional characters become our own to an extend and our drive to write about them and flesh out missing plot links or subtext we see in the show/movie/book as well as our need to read fanfic.  What makes good fanfic/what makes bad.  I think it would also be interesting to touch a bit upon fanfic containing real people and why we write and read RPS... I'm still not sure. I was asked about writing this only a few hours ago so my head is still turning with ideas.

Any suggestions?  Anyone want in?  

Right now it's a concept...

I would love input.

ETA : I feel like this is a taboo thing to even ask about... I'm not entirely sure why... but I also feel like there are so many crappy articles about fanfic out there... it would be nice to write one which isn't dumb.
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