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SPN 6x02 Episode Review of Doom

In summary: I've missed having Mitch P. on my screen... but I trust grandpa about as much as I trust, say, a fart.  Who the hell is he promising shit to, anyway?  Who are they collecting monsters for?  Firs the djinn... and now they tried to grab an alpha shifter?  How the hell did both Sam and Samuel find each other after their ressurection?  Did they both wake up in the same field? Has this been explained and I missed it?

Questions, questions, questions.

During this scene, my sister asked me "Am I about to throw my pie?"
I laughed really hard at her.

Hello new credits... I cannot decide how I feel about you.

This is total Dean fail.  Especially since he looks so pleased to have pizza when he first opens
the door... and then looks so confused that no one else is excited.  Also, Ben.  Ha.

"Either way it's baby stew which is bad."  I missed you Skinman!

Fact: I am officially renaming Sam "Sam Knight." I miss the Impala.  Sam's car is no Impala.

Solitaire Sammy is not as fun as Dean with Sammy... but this scene was still creepy.

I laughed at Sam's reaction.  Ha.

I like how Dean just struts right past Sam without hardly looking at him.  And his reaction
to the baby in the back seat.  Both their vehicles are no Impala.  Why is Dean's truck cream?!

I laughed at the baby pooping or farting or whatever he did. I am 12.

"I'm pretty sure there's some sort of paste or jelly we need to put on their butts."  And then Dean
runs off with half the baby aisle looking like he's going to get in trouble. Ha.

I'm pretty sure Jared was trying not to laugh at Jensen during most of this scene.

"Bobby." "John." "Bobby John." Ha. 

Ok, in all seriousness... if you had been in line behind them... watched this woman grab the
baby and try to run... then one of the guys pulled off part of the ladies arm... then the other one
grabbed the baby and ran like he was stealing it... then the other one pulled a knife... wouldn't
you need therapy? I think I'd think I was going insane...

"Who designed this thing?! NASA?" Ha.

"This is like defusing an IED with poop."  It's so true.

And then he puts the baby to sleep while humming classic rock.  Classic.

My dad suggests I do this with my kids all the time...

Magic fingers strike again...

I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed... and laughed.

"We can't just exactly drop it off at an orphanage.  They might get upset when it becomes Asian."

"You got something to say?  No? Well, alright, you just stand there and think at me."

PARKER FUCKING LEWIS! I know he was in last weeks episode as well... but I had such a
crush on Corin Nemec back when I was 15 and he was on tv every week.  

"Congrats, it's a boy... sometimes."  Ah, Skinman... you're the only one with good lines in
this episode besides Dean.  Sam has been dry like sand... humor wise.

Oh shit... you really can't Angelina Jolie a shapeshifter... especially when the thing coming
for it can shoot the tranquilizers you just shot it with out of it's own back.

Ok, this?  Evil!Sam?  This is like porn.  I don't find Jared very attractive... until he goes evil...
and then my brain curls into a fetal position because otherwise it will go retarded from longing.

Evil!Dean... not quite as fun.

"What the hell does he want with the baby?"
"Softball team? I don't know."

I had disliked Lisa.  She redeemed herself in this episode.  She is now my favorite
SPN female, after Bella... and Jo... and Ellen...  I still hate Ruby.

Trust me, Dean. I know exactly how you feel.
I really, really liked this episode.  Maybe it's because I'm a mom.  Maybe it's because you could tell J2 was having fun having a baby on set, even though I'm sure it made things difficult.  I was amused by the Doctor Huxtable reference. Generally, I appreciate that the bulk of the references are specific, more or less, to them being children of the 80's.  

Afterward, Liz and I flipped over to The Dukes of Hazzard and came to he conclusion that while Kripke claims that Supernatural is Star Wars in truckstop America, it's actually just a redo of The Dukes with monsters.  Impala instead of the General Lee.  Sam instead of Bo. Dean instead of Luke.  What the fuck person names their kid Luke Duke?!  YED instead of Boss Hog. Bobby instead of Uncles Jesse.  I have no clue who Daisy translates into.  Maybe Castiel?  He is always helping them out...

Here, have bonus icons because I was bored.

In conclusion: I love Dean.
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