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SPNLand Round 3 - FIGHT!

1. Morally Grey Guides for Challenges - including tutorials on graphic making and fic writing and hint posts for quizzes and other similar challenges.
2. Super-Dooper Happy Fun Time Polls! Who doesn't love a good ticky box?
3. We Own Sam. And Evil Space Cowboy Jensen is our offical team mascot. ♥
4. WE HAVE EVIL CUPCAKES! They're delicious~
5. Our insane number of awesome tags!
6. We make things for a don't-know-what-the-hell-I'm-doing person easy to understand, fun and cool. And every new member gets a monster nickname~ choose from a variety of demons, monsters of the week and all-around bad dudes :D
7. Weekly Team Chats! Where we'll talk about our no-good-evil-doing, our plans to take over the world spnland and Sam's sideburns.
8. We can hook you up with the good stuff and by good stuff I mean SPARKLE FONT
9. We rock at spam challenges (where you can learn about sex, dynasties of the world and small towns throughout Europe), don't mind a bit off OT in our comm and love gifs.
10. We've already won once \o/

Because you know you want to... but you only want to be on Team Hell with me... be on Team Hell... do it!!  Tell them ewlyn sent ya!

Tags: awesomesauce, i'm obnoxious, spnland

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